Family Law in New Mexico: An Overview

Contemplating divorce is always difficult. Whether you are sure you want to end your marriage or are still considering your options, it helps to learn the basics of divorce law in New Mexico and how the process works. Should you conclude that divorce is necessary, it is very important that you seek the assistance of an experienced New Mexico family law attorney.

Involving a knowledgeable New Mexico family law attorney, as soon as possible, in the divorce process is one of the best ways to preserve your own long-term financial and emotional health. Not to mention, the financial and emotional health of your family and loved ones.

Bernard Rosneblum has practiced family law in New Mexico for over 13 years and has experience in all areas of family law, including:

Divorce (both contested and uncontested): Bernard Rosenblum has a wealth of experience helping clients through the legal maze and stresses of going through a divorce. Whether the end of your marriage is being contested or not, you need someone in your corner looking out for your best interests.

Military Divorces: Many issues, like retirement, are unique to divorces involving military personnel. Bernard Rosenblum has counseled many clients in these situations, since his office is located only minutes from Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque.

Child Custody / Child Support: In New Mexico marriage dissolutions, the economic protection and well-being of the children is paramount. As an attorney, with over 13 years of experience practicing family law in New Mexico, Bernard Rosenblum can help you protect the best interests of your children.

Visitation / Parenting Plans: A successful visitation and parenting plan does not happen by mistake. With Bernard Rosenblum as your attorney you can draw from his vast expereince in these areas and make sure your interests, and those of your children, are protected.

Spousal Support or Alimony: In New Mexico, either party to a dissolution action may be ordered to pay alimony to the other spouse as the court deems just and proper, after consideration of the several factors. If you are due alimony, you need Bernard Rosenblum to help you collect.

Property and Debt Division: Although New Mexico is a community property state, the law regarding community property and separate property can be complicated. Mr. Rosenblum’s experience allows him to competently analyze and advocate as to your rights in property owned by either spouse during marriage, including company stock options (whether vested or not), pensions and other employment benefits, real property, and business interests. He will assemble information and legal research to determine whether an asset should be categorized as community property, separate property or commingled property. He will then assist you in negotiating a settlement or, if necessary, representing you at trial.

Domestic Violence: Unfortuntely, domestic violence has become an issue in many divorces in New Mexico, as well as other legal proceedings. A finding that a person has committed domestic violence can affect many rights, including the right to work in certain jobs and the right to custody and/or visitation of children. We can assist you in obtaining domestic violence restraining orders or civil harassment orders.

Prenuptial Agreements: Many parties in New Mexico have found it in their best interests to have a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements allow couples to agree that certain property, such as income, is separate from the marriage and does not become community property. Bernard Rosenblum has represented many clients with the construction of a custom prenuptial agreement tailored to their individual needs.

Domestic Partnership Agreements: When a couple decides to form a long-term, committed relationship, many couples in New Mexico have found the need for a professionally crafted domestic partnership agreement that explains the contractual legal rights and responsibilities of each partner.

Post-Divorce Modifications: Potential lawsuits and claims do not end the day a divorce becomes final. Often, custody, support and visitation arrangements must be revisited and modified as time passes, to adapt to the changing circumstances of the family members involved. Bernard Rosenblum can help you through these changes by drawing from his extensive family law experience in New Mexico.

Divorce Decree Enforcement: Unfortunately, some parties to a divorce decree do not always adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Whether it is child support or visitation issues, you have rights under New Mexico law and Bernard Rosenblum can help protect your rights. Don’t wait any longer. Enforce your rights under the law!

Having an attorney who specializes in family law gives you the benefit of knowing that your attorney is up to date on the most recent laws and trends. For exceptional legal representation in any area of New Mexico family law, contact the Rosenblum Law Office today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss how Bernard Rosenblum can help you resolve your family law matter. Your family is counting on you.